Project Updates

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#Project CodeProject NameDepartmentDistrictPhaseProgress StatusApprove Date
241BPR/JJM/NongmaikhongAugmentation of Nongmaikhong Water Supply SchemePHEDBishnupur1Ongoing2022-05-24 07:57:17
242EE/KMJ/PHE/JJM/PhalangWater Supply Scheme at PhalangPHEDKamjong1Under construction2022-05-26 09:54:31
243EE/ED-II/PWD-TBL/111Providing IEI in PWD, Thoubal Division Office i/c compound lighting ThoubalPWDThoubal1Completed2022-11-15 08:39:02
24426/59/2017-W(NP)/BD1/NewSecttWB/1Renovation of room No. 120,122 & 101 alloted to Hon'ble Minister Shri Th. Biswajit Singh at Western Block 1st floor New Sectt.PWDImphal-West1Completed2017-07-03 06:46:58
245CDL/Impvt. of Rd.from Sita Lamkhai/12Impvt. of road from Sita Lamkhai to Wapurmancham.PWDChandel1completed2018-11-17 09:08:51
24603Construction/upgradation of roads in Wangjing Lamding Nagar PanchayatMAHUDThoubal1Ongoing2018-04-17 07:28:21
247CDL/Impvt. of Hospital Rd. at Moreh/17.Impvt. of Hospital Rd. at Moreh.PWDChandel1Impvt of hospital road moreh
248WSM-II-CHINGKHEICHINGConstruction of Water Treatment Plant at Chingkheiching (45.00 MLD Capacity) for Imphal CityPHEDImphal-East1Active2019-05-15 08:12:54
249EE/ED-II/SDO-SDC/52Repairing of IEI i/c compound lighting in SDO, SDC, Registrar office (replacement of LED light) at Porompat, I E District PWDImphal-East1Completed2020-03-12 09:13:27
250IED/RCCslab culvet- Laipham-Kabui/441Contrn. of 1.5m span RCC slab culvert at Laipham Khunou and 2.00 m RCC slab culvert near Kabui khulPWDImphal-East1Completed
251EE/ED-II/Coop. Off/CCpur/65Impvt. of IEI i/c yard lighting in the office building & complex of district Co-operative Office at Churchandpur.PWDChurachandpur1Completed2021-02-17 09:58:42
252UKL/Nungshong/65Impvt. of road (shingling & side drainage) from NH-150 Dungrei to Nungshong via Seipaikong 6th MR Bn. HQ & Tasar Oak farm (14 kms)PWDUkhrul1Ongoing2021-03-09 08:40:51
253UKL/Awangkasom/68M/O Awangkasom to Chingai road 0 - 14 km.PWDUkhrul1Ongoing2021-03-08 08:40:43
254IED/NH32-Bengoli Colony/753M/o NH 32 to Bengoli Colony and AT line 1 kmPWDImphal-East1Completed2021-10-08 06:58:47
255EE/ED-II/PWD-TBL/111Providing IEI in PWD, Thoubal Division Office i/c compound lighting ThoubalPWDThoubal1Completed2022-11-15 08:38:52
256TBL/darpan/rrs/wangbal/2Strengthening & Modernisation of Rice Research Station, WangbalPWDThoubal1Ongoing2017-09-12 11:13:54
257HSD/Keishampat Mutum Leirak/15Improvement of Keishampat Mutum Leirak, IVR connecting Kangabam Leikai to Thiyam Leikai, Leimajam Leikai PYDC to Khwairakpam Leikai culvert i/c connecPWDImphal-West1Ongoing2020-02-10 06:08:47
258CDL/Impvt. of Rd.from Sijang to Simang/11Impvt. of Rd. from Sijang to Semang 1.50Kms.PWDChandel1completed2018-10-04 09:41:46
25903Construction/upgradation of roads in Wangjing Lamding Nagar PanchayatMAHUDThoubal1Ongoing2018-04-17 07:27:54
260NEC(Oklong)Composite Water Supply at OklongPHEDSenapati1new2018-12-20 08:30:54