Project Updates

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#Project CodeProject NameDepartmentDistrictPhaseProgress StatusApprove Date
161TML- NLCPRWater supply scheme by water conservation at Tamenglong HQPHEDTamenglong1Work in good progress2021-02-24 10:06:48
162IED/Potholes-New Thumbu-Singj-Kongba/628Mending of potholes from New Thumbuthong to Singjamei Kongba road via Takhelkhong in connection with Sangai FestivalPWDImphal-East1Completed2021-11-12 09:36:58
163EE/ED-II/T-Qtr. Rev./85Impvt. of IEI i/c replmt of exist. fitting by energy saving lamps in the T-IV(T) 1no T-III 4nos for Revenue Deptt. at Jiribam.PWDJiribam1completed2021-10-08 10:09:10
164IED/NH32-Bengoli Colony/753M/o NH 32 to Bengoli Colony and AT line 1 kmPWDImphal-East1Completed2021-10-08 06:59:29
16526/59/2017-W(NP)/BD1/NewSecttWB/1Renovation of room No. 120,122 & 101 alloted to Hon'ble Minister Shri Th. Biswajit Singh at Western Block 1st floor New Sectt.PWDImphal-West1Completed2017-07-03 06:48:22
166TBL/Darpan/plan/13Impt. of Sabaltongba Road-3.00kmPWDThoubal150%2018-03-14 11:37:41
167TBL/Darpan/Plan/33Impvt of Khongjom to Langthel RoadPWDThoubal1ongoing2018-03-21 10:03:14
168BRD/Sekmaijin/9Construction of Suspension bridge over Manipur river at Sekmaijin ThongamPWDImphal-West1Completed2018-03-26 08:07:09
169MUALNGAT*CCPConstruction of Common Facility Centres in Mualngat village, Churachandpur district, Manipur.TA and HillsChurachandpur1In completing process.2018-07-17 12:30:42
17003Construction/upgradation of roads in Wangjing Lamding Nagar PanchayatMAHUDThoubal1Ongoing2018-04-17 07:29:15
171THANGALSURUNG*SPTConstruction of Common Facility Centre in Thangal Sarung Village, Senapati DistrictTA and HillsSenapati1Under construction2018-07-25 07:39:39
173EE/ED-II/G-H-Khongjom/28Infr.Dev.forDes.& Cir.(SH:- Cont.of Mem.Pillar, Steps, retaining wall, etc. at Khebaching) (Sh:- Pro.Façade lt. and ft.step the War Mem. PillarPWDThoubal1Completed2018-10-04 13:21:01
174HSD/Compound fencing SDC Chajing 2/23Construction of Compound fencing and land development of SDC Office at Lilong Chajing(SH: Compound fencing & approach road)(Ph-II)PWDImphal-West1Completed
175EE/HS/Constn. of 10m Span/34.Constn. of 10m Span Minor Bridge over Merakhong River at Malom Hawairou.PWDImphal-West1Ongoing2019-02-19 07:56:15
176WSM-II-CHINGKHEICHINGConstruction of Water Treatment Plant at Chingkheiching (45.00 MLD Capacity) for Imphal CityPHEDImphal-East1Active2019-05-15 08:11:26
177EE/ED-II/SDO-SDC/52Repairing of IEI i/c compound lighting in SDO, SDC, Registrar office (replacement of LED light) at Porompat, I E District PWDImphal-East1Completed2020-03-12 09:14:34
178BD-III/Mechanical officeConstruction of Office and Workshop building for Mechanical Division No.-I & II at Kongba Lairenpat.PWDImphal-East1In Progress2020-11-23 09:15:13
179EE/ED-II/Coop. Off/CCpur/65Impvt. of IEI i/c yard lighting in the office building & complex of district Co-operative Office at Churchandpur.PWDChurachandpur1Completed2021-02-17 09:59:01
180UKL/Nungshong/65Impvt. of road (shingling & side drainage) from NH-150 Dungrei to Nungshong via Seipaikong 6th MR Bn. HQ & Tasar Oak farm (14 kms)PWDUkhrul1Ongoing2021-03-09 08:38:53