Project Updates

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#Project CodeProject NameDepartmentDistrictPhaseProgress StatusApprove Date
261MWSP_PHED_NDBManipur Water Supply Project (NDB)PHEDOthers1Nambol Kabowakching water supply scheme.Package -72022-07-06 06:08:46
262HSD/Keishampat Mutum Leirak/15Improvement of Keishampat Mutum Leirak, IVR connecting Kangabam Leikai to Thiyam Leikai, Leimajam Leikai PYDC to Khwairakpam Leikai culvert i/c connecPWDImphal-West1completed2020-02-10 06:06:04
263TBL/Darpan/plan/14Impvt. of Kshetri Leikai Ring Road-3.00kmPWDThoubal130%2018-03-23 09:51:48
264KOTLIAN*CCPConstruction of Common Facility Centres in K. Kotlian village, Churachandpur district, Manipur.TA and HillsChurachandpur1In completing process2018-07-17 12:24:58
265HSD/Impvt. of Moirangpurel U-turn...27.Impvt. of Moirangpurel U-turn(Ring Rd.), Akham Leikai(Dr.Joykumar Leirak)i/c culvert & Drain, Nganapi Thong to Thokchom Leikai Rd., Potshangbam ......PWDImphal-West1Ongoing2018-09-29 09:26:27
266NEC(Oklong)Composite Water Supply at OklongPHEDSenapati1new2018-12-20 08:29:57
267JnNURM/PHEDIntegrated Water Supply Project for Imphal Planning area, Phase-IPHEDImphal-East1Active2019-01-30 09:51:28
268EE/ED-II/Oil Depot/53Impvt of IEI & yard lighting in the compound of Govt. Oil Depot at Imphal. PWDImphal-East1Completed2020-03-12 09:21:58
269CSC UCHIWA IWPHECSC UchiwaPHEDImphal-West1final
270EE/ED-II/Coop. Off/CCpur/65Impvt. of IEI i/c yard lighting in the office building & complex of district Co-operative Office at Churchandpur.PWDChurachandpur1Completed2021-02-17 09:57:44
271MSPDCL-SAUBHAGYA-072Supply & Erection of all equipments and materials required for Implementation of SAUBHAGYA Scheme and Additional infra for SAUBHAGYA under DDUGJY POWER (MSPDCL)Imphal-West1Completed2021-02-22 09:10:02
272UKL/Nungshong/65Impvt. of road (shingling & side drainage) from NH-150 Dungrei to Nungshong via Seipaikong 6th MR Bn. HQ & Tasar Oak farm (14 kms)PWDUkhrul1Ongoing2021-03-09 08:42:51
273UKL/Awangkasom/68M/O Awangkasom to Chingai road 0 - 14 km.PWDUkhrul1Ongoing2021-03-08 08:43:29
274MSPDCL-STATEPLAN-092Supply and Erection of existing 130W LED Street Lights on 8m GI Octagonal Pole and for replacement of the old 250/150W HPSV LampsPOWER (MSPDCL)Others1Complete2022-03-24 08:53:15
275MWSP_PHED_NDBManipur Water Supply Project (NDB)PHEDOthers1Ongoing2022-06-23 09:16:57
276MWSP_PHED_NDBManipur Water Supply Project (NDB)PHEDOthers1Ongoing2022-06-24 05:56:02
277MWSP_PHED_NDBManipur Water Supply Project (NDB)PHEDOthers1Nambol Kabowakching water supply scheme.Package -72022-07-06 06:06:22
278BRD/Koirengei/8Construction of bridge over Imphal river at KoirengeiPWDImphal-East1Ongoing2017-07-31 11:37:54
279IED/Sawombung-Sagolmang road/128Impvt. of Sawombung Sagolmang roadPWDImphal-East1On going2018-03-23 07:17:14
280JnNURM/PHEDIntegrated Water Supply Project for Imphal Planning area, Phase-IPHEDImphal-East1Active2019-01-30 09:49:43