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#Darpan IDCodeNameProject TypeDepartmentDistrictApproved Project Cost (in Lakhs)Fund Utilized so far(in Lakhs)Source of FundingCreate DateFinancial YearProject Status
41DAR-2018-000066WRD-FCW-34Construction of RCC bore pile along Iril River RBB D/S of Sawombung RCC bridge at Mayengbam Iboton Mapa, Phaknung(3rd Portion)ConstructionWater Resources Department (WRD)Imphal-East1.400.14State Plan2018-01-17 08:16:202017-2018Project Status
42DAR-2018-000085WRD-FCW-51Improvement of Imphal River on LBB at Atoukhong.ConstructionWater Resources Department (WRD)Thoubal1.400.00State Plan2018-01-19 07:43:482017-2018Project Status
43DAR-2018-000143WRD-FCW-62Improvement of Imphal River RBB from chainage 14.10 km to 14.25 km at U/S of suspension bridge, Khuman LampakConstructionWater Resources Department (WRD)Imphal-East1.410.00State Plan2018-02-03 06:53:262017-2018Project Status
44DAR-2018-000232WRD-FCW-80Strengthening of Imphal River LBB from RD 17.200 km to 17.300 km at Veterinary Office MapaConstructionWater Resources Department (WRD)Imphal-East1.430.00State Plan2018-02-14 07:01:352017-2018Project Status
45DAR-2018-000071WRD-FCW-39Restoration work on Iril River LBB near W. Tomba Singh & L. Ibotombi Mapa at Kangal SiphaiConstructionWater Resources Department (WRD)Imphal-East1.440.00State Plan2018-01-17 08:40:422017-2018Project Status
46DAR-2018-000151WRD-FCW-70Strengthening of Imphal River RBB from RD 19.00 km to 19.100 km, Shyamashakhi School mapa to Old Thumbuthong BridgeConstructionWater Resources Department (WRD)Imphal-West1.441.00State Plan2018-02-03 07:26:482017-2018Project Status
47DAR-2018-000053WRD-FCW-28Improvement of Iril river RBB from RD 11.500 km to RD 11.600 km from Fazal Mapa to Abba Mapa.ConstructionWater Resources Department (WRD)Imphal-East1.450.00State Plan2018-01-16 08:44:242017-2018Project Status
48DAR-2022-000091SMDC 2016-17 THAMNAPOKPI UPS MAJOR REPAIRINGThamnapokpi UPS Major Repairing 2016-17ConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSABishnupur1.460.87CSS / CPS2022-01-22 09:02:352021-2022Project Status
49DAR-2018-000150WRD-FCW-69Strengthening of Imphal River from RD 19.200 km to 19.350 km at Bokul Makhong to Sonamani MapaConstructionWater Resources Department (WRD)Imphal-East1.470.20State Plan2018-02-03 07:22:562017-2018Project Status
50DAR-2018-000068WRD-FCW-36Restoration of Iril River LBB at Laishram Mapa, NaharupConstructionWater Resources Department (WRD)Imphal-East1.500.00State Plan2018-01-17 08:25:252017-2018Project Status
51DAR-2018-000051WRD-FCW-26Restoration work on Iril River LBB at Naharup Laishram MapaConstructionWater Resources Department (WRD)Imphal-East1.510.00State Plan2018-01-16 08:33:282017-2018Project Status
52DAR-2018-000070WRD-FCW-38Restoration Iril River LBB from RD 19.065 km to 19.135 km, 2nd portion.ConstructionWater Resources Department (WRD)Imphal-East1.520.00State Plan2018-01-17 08:34:112017-2018Project Status
53DAR-2018-000073WRD-FCW-41Restoration of Iril River LBB from RD 7.600 km to RD 7.700 km and RBB from 7.800 km to 7.870 km at MoirangkampuConstructionWater Resources Department (WRD)Imphal-East1.540.00State Plan2018-01-17 08:53:012017-2018Project Status
54DAR-2018-000149WRD-FCW-68Strengthening of Imphal River RBB from 21.650 km to 21.800 km at Bamon MapaConstructionWater Resources Department (WRD)Imphal-West1.580.45State Plan2018-02-03 07:19:412017-2018Project Status
55DAR-2018-000069WRD-FCW-37Restoration of Iril River LBB from RD 18.500 km to RD 18.80 kmConstructionWater Resources Department (WRD)Imphal-East1.630.00State Plan2018-01-17 08:29:222017-2018Project Status
56DAR-2018-000050WRD-FCW-25Restoration work on Iril River LBB at Thoudam mapa, NaharupConstructionWater Resources Department (WRD)Imphal-East1.640.00State Plan2018-01-16 08:28:202017-2018Project Status
57DAR-2017-000114FOR/PLTN/RESTOCKINGRF/CCPUR/TUITHAPIRestocking of RFOthersFORESTChurachandpur1.641.64State Plan2017-12-08 08:53:292017-2018Project Status
58DAR-2018-000067WRD-FCW-35Restoration of Iril River LBB at Thoudam Mapa, Naharup.ConstructionWater Resources Department (WRD)Imphal-East1.640.00State Plan2018-01-17 08:21:262017-2018Project Status
59DAR-2018-000229WRD-FCW-77Strengthening of Imphal River RBB from RD 18.00 km to 18.120 km at Raikhan MapaConstructionWater Resources Department (WRD)Imphal-East1.660.00State Plan2018-02-14 06:48:122017-2018Project Status
60IE-ED WairiRestoration of Earthquake damage works under NRDWP (SH: Repairing of SR of Wairi WSS)ConstructionPHEDImphal-East1.670.00CSS / CPS2017-08-31 05:07:592016-2017Project Status