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#Darpan IDCodeNameProject TypeDepartmentDistrictApproved Project Cost (in Lakhs)Fund Utilized so far(in Lakhs)Source of FundingCreate DateFinancial YearProject Status
1DAR-2023-000862EE/ED-III/DURANDCUP/ELECT/2131st edition of Durand Cup- upgradation of electrical components, environment lighting and repairing of internal roads of KLSC and Main Stadium.ConstructionPWDImphal-East275.13126.53Others2023-09-26 11:06:472022-2023Project Status
2DAR-2023-000861IWD/Drain-Polem Leikai/279Construction of drain at Polem leikaiConstructionPWDImphal-West35.000.00State Plan2023-09-26 08:54:062022-2023Project Status
3DAR-2023-000860IWD/Drain-Imphal Kangchup road/278Constn. of drain along Imphal Kangchup roadConstructionPWDImphal-West78.100.00State Plan2023-09-26 08:18:272022-2023Project Status
4DAR-2023-000859Lilasing Khongnangkhong High SchoolAdditional Class RoomConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAImphal-West18.685.85CSS / CPS2023-09-26 07:20:072019-2020Project Status
5DAR-2023-000858EE/ED-1/Panic Alarm inside CMO Complex/2023Installation of Panic/Burglar alarm System at Tower no.01(Vip Gate)/02/03(Exit Gate)/04/05/06(Main Gate),Tower near cook room and CISF Barrack of CMOOthersPWDImphal-West12.950.00State Plan2023-09-26 06:49:192023-2024Project Status
6DAR-2023-000857WAB/23-DI/TingriPS/IWRepairing/Renovation of Classrooms at Tingri Primary School, Imphal West District, ManipurOthersEducation (S)Imphal-West10.000.00State Plan2023-09-25 10:38:022021-2022Project Status
7DAR-2023-000856WAB/23-DI/TingriPS/IWRepairing/Renovation of Classrooms at Tingri Promary School, Imphal West District, ManipurOthersEducation (S)Imphal-West10.000.00State Plan2023-09-25 10:37:342021-2022Project Status
8DAR-2023-000855WAB/23-DI/ZEOOfficeZoneI/IWConstruction of ZEO Office Zone - I,Imphal West, ManipurConstructionEducation (S)Imphal-West50.0019.65State Plan2023-09-25 10:32:332021-2022Project Status
9DAR-2023-000854new ideal high schooltoilet and libraryConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAThoubal22.408.90CSS / CPS2023-09-25 09:50:412021-2022Project Status
10DAR-2023-000853lamdind high schoolConstruction of acr, bio labConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAThoubal31.5012.60CSS / CPS2023-09-25 09:36:262021-2022Project Status
11DAR-2023-000852Chingangbam Leikai IE _NDBWater Supply Scheme for Manipur State (SH :- Providing Drinking Water Supply to Rural Areas of Manipur (231 Schemes) works. RWS P VIII (W)ConstructionPHEDImphal-East550.770.00EAP2023-09-24 03:46:592020-2021Project Status
12DAR-2023-000851SMDC KEBOL HIGH SCHOOL 2021-22 TOILETKEBOL HIGH SCHOOL 2021-22, Construction of Girls ToiletConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAImphal-West4.651.86CSS / CPS2023-09-18 08:07:472023-2024Project Status
13DAR-2023-000850SMDC EASTERN IDEAL HIGH 2021-22eastern ideal high school 2021-22; construction of 1 boys toilet, 1 girls toilet & 1 cwsn toiletConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAImphal-East11.744.70CSS / CPS2023-09-14 08:13:452023-2024Project Status
14DAR-2023-000849MSPDCL-STATEPLAN-105Supply of ACSR (Rabbit & Weasel) required for operation and maintenance works in Manipur M/S Mahavir Transmission LimitedOthersPOWER (MSPDCL)Imphal-West86.580State Plan2023-09-14 07:47:512023-2024Project Status
15DAR-2023-000848SMDC LILONG HAO SANTIPUR P/S SMC 2022-23CWSN Toilet Lilong Hao Santipur P/SConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAImphal-East2.500.97CSS / CPS2023-09-13 04:11:082023-2024Project Status
16DAR-2023-000847SMDC KEIRAO SOCIAL P/S SMC 2022-23CWSN Toilet Keirao Social P/SConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAImphal-East2.500.97CSS / CPS2023-09-13 04:10:042023-2024Project Status
17DAR-2023-000846Lilong Hao Santipur P/S SMC 2021-22Additional Classroom Lilong Hao Santipur P/SConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAImphal-East14.924.89CSS / CPS2023-09-13 04:06:172023-2024Project Status
18DAR-2023-000845Angom Lawai UPS SMC 2019-20Additional Classroom Angom Lawai UPSConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAImphal-East18.685.85CSS / CPS2023-09-13 03:55:132023-2024Project Status
19DAR-2023-000844UPG 2020-21 HEINGANG HIGH SCHOOL (SCIENCE)Heingang High School Upgradation Science Block (12 rooms) 2020-21ConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAImphal-East210.7084.28CSS / CPS2023-09-11 12:50:332023-2024Project Status
20DAR-2023-000843SMDC SRIVAN HIGH SCHOOL 2022-23SRIVAN HIGH SCHOOL 2022-23 BOYS & GIRLS TOILETConstructionEdu (S) - SSA & RMSAImphal-East10.014.01CSS / CPS2023-09-11 10:20:312023-2024Project Status