General Features:

  • User friendly UI for the mobile app and web site
    • Four types of user rights
    • Super admin
    • Dept admin
    • Approver
    • Uploader
  • Various reports for different user rights

Features and Functionalities:

  • Super Admin will create departments
  • Department's Admin will add the existing or new project thru the web application
  • When new project is added, the details of the projects including the GPS location will be required.
  • A map can be used to locate the project GPS location. Or it can be manually updated by the admin
  • Designated officials of Departments will go to the project site, use the mobile app to choose the project code and take the photos. The GPS location is captured while taking the photos.
  • The photos will be uploaded to the web automatically for viewing by the Public
  • There will be department-wise reports of projects for the super admin
  • There will be district-wise reports of project for the departmental admin
  • No login is necessary for the public to see the projects and current status.